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when Words Fail You …

Or you need to say something funny, cheeky, irreverent or ballsy (can I say ballsy here?).

Copywriting services for businesses anywhere

Chief Word Nerd ☞

Word Nerds
is a boutique copywriting co-op. We specialise in  crafting email campaigns, about pages and bios and blog posts/advertorials. We also have killer skills in research,
segmentation and the ASK Method.

We’re also high maintenance energy!


There’s an art to writing emails – and a science too. We make sure that the results are on-brand, on-message and won’t get you fired (unsubscribed). 

Your Bio

Your bio should be created and not copied from a template. You’re unique. So why not turn the spotlight on what’s cool about you and your journey? And guess what… you’re allowed to be funny and sweary.


Advertorials & Blogs

Advertorial pre-sale pages help to convert more cold traffic and lower traffic costs. content is the life-blood of the internet after all (said every content writer ever).


Customer Research & The ASK Method

The ASK Method® cracks the code on understanding consumer behaviour.

Hi, I’m Sharon Langshaw

I’ve spent decades as a researcher and writing boring technical documents and user guides. I never knew I was allowed to make things interesting and even funny, until one day 5 years ago I met a copywriter who introduced me to the idea that I had what it takes to write interesting stuff for interesting people!

Since then I’ve been helping people write humorous and light-hearted (sometimes light-headed) email campaigns, blogs, advertorials and ads to connect with their audience. 


Some days I’m a scintillating storyteller.

other DAYS I like to bleed IDEAS all over the page.

probably looks more like coughing up a fur-ball of an idea but you know what I mean.

I believe that creativity and humour is probably the key to world domination. I can’t prove it at the moment because I’m too busy writing emails for other people to indulge in such frivolous flights of fancy.

But you probably don’t care about that. Or do you?

What you need to know for now is that my words have appeared in all sorts of places including the back of toilet doors,  Huffington Post, Facebook and a few other addresses on the planet and the web.

If you want to know more about our work, you can contact me here or over here or you can even go here. Thanks for clicking.

Here we are at the bottom of the page and you haven’t had the chance to book a call yet. But it’s OK - you’re about to. Right?

At this point in the proceedings, a lot of other folks would roll out the usual “we’re a boutique-sized agency with limited capacity” codswallop to panic you into making rash decisions.

But that’s not me. I’m relaxed and try very hard no to stress anyone out (least of all you — the client).

If you’re in need of some no-nonsense marketing that is humorous and drives real results then book a call, and let’s get the party started (or have a laugh and coffee and see if we’re a good fit).

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